Our primary focus is growth and development of superb
talent, as it is instrumental in crafting remarkable work
and guaranteeing long-term partner satisfaction.


We believe challenging work breeds ingenuity.

Our Commitment

To stay true to our commitment we have:


– Fully implemented a flat organizational structure that results in faster decision making.

– Ended micromanagement of all sorts.

– Gone fully remote – working from the office is still an option.

– Dedicated one of our Founders to carefully listen to our employees’ needs and act accordingly.

Our Results

Successfully scaled from 10 employees to 50 in 12 months.

Kept employee satisfaction on an exceptional level while scaling and avoided employee burnout.

Part Risk Taking,
Part Risk Averse

With the projects we take on we make sure to ensure long-term financial sustainability, as well as nurture opportunities for exponential growth. That’s why our clients are a balanced mix of established companies and startups. We develop and service large-scale solutions for our long-term partners and work on innovative products with our startup partners.


Mapp Digital

Mapp Digital

Mapp helps companies beat their competition with compelling, eye-catching marketing, without breaking the bank. Mapp brings back the fun to digital marketing, while pushing marketers to crush it at their job. Mapp’s marketing technology is for the marketer who knows it’s not always about working harder, but working smarter. Mapp isn’t a point solution that you hack together with your other tools to run multi-channel campaigns. And it’s not like the big-name enterprise marketing clouds that try (unsuccessfully) to be everything you need – and charge you every dollar you have. Instead, Mapp is a rad digital marketing platform for companies that don’t want to follow.



SHS Viveon stands for smart credit risk management: international and future-oriented. Smart software alone is not enough. Every solution also includes professionals who help you get the most out of your credit and risk management. Modular solutions of the SHS Viveon platform, all revenue and risk influencing decisions in the digital “lead-to-cash” process become more sustainable and efficient. From the lead process, to the offer and contract phase through to customer development and receivables management. Software and consulting solutions can be tailored to meet specific needs and seamlessly integrated into existing IT infrastructures. We cooperate with our customers to develop the digitalization strategy of companies of all sizes in industries such as financial services, retail, e-commerce, industry, telecommunications and energy. Many national and international companies have been relying on their solutions for years, cooperating with them to regularly set new standards in credit and risk management. You too can turn our software into your success program.

42 CAP

42 CAP

42CAP invests in seed-stage technology-driven software companies across Europe with global ambition, they are seasoned entrepreneurs turned investors. The team behind 42CAP built two of Europe’s largest B2B software companies culminating $1.6B cash exits to SAP and Teradata respectively. They work as peers amongst entrepreneurs sharing their fundamental values: conviction for technology and data-driven sustainable business models, true passion for entrepreneurship and be sparring partners in developing the founders.

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What Other Say About Us:

Seasoned SaaS entrepreneur turned investor - We (42CAP) invest in seed-stage technology- and data-driven business models across Europe with global ambition. We have opted for Gerniks cause they understood our endeavours and supported our ambition and goals. They are a trustworthy partner, easy to work with and above all else dedicated to deliver what they have promised!

Thomas Wilke




Software Engineer & Тeam Lead

Jelica Stankovic JelaPO


Product Owner



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