Gerniks is a new software development company in the business. We have been in incognito mode for a few years already, building our own product for the DACH region and have done deeply integrated work with a few partners on their development, design, devOps, AI/ML, QA, and product initiatives.

We have a lot of experience in designing and leading big scale projects despite being young and new to the market. Having people all around Serbia, with offices located in Belgrade and Nis, our team consists of experts in their respective fields and a new generation of talented young people interested in ironing their skills.

We allow our employees to explore their interests and help them find what works best for them. Enabling them to do what they like the most, makes our business more successful. We are always on the lookout for talented people and have a record of providing opportunities to those at the start of their journey.

What we offer is team spirit like no other, and an environment where learning, support, and guidance from your colleagues is guaranteed.


Fully implemented a flat organizational structure.

Dedicated one of our Founders to carefully listen to our employees' needs.

Ended micromanagement of all sorts.

Successfully scaled from 10 employees to 50 in 12 months.

Gone fully remote - working from the office is still an option.

Kept employees satisfaction on a high level.


Team spirit like no other!


Software Engineer & Тeam Lead

Jelica Stankovic JelaPO


Product Owner