In an age of faster and faster pace of life, increasing alienation and stress that grinds us every day, Gerniks says: “Enough!”.

In addition to the fact that we want to save our colleagues in Gerniks from that, we also want to share what we have learned with everyone.

Liderstvo nije pozicija, već je akcija i primer.

Radite pametnije, a ne više. Ovladajte svojim vremenom.

Motivacija je ono što nas pokreće. Ovo je naša formula za uspeh 

Got skill? This is what we mean when we say “Specific set of skills”!

What we DON’T have at gerniks is failure to communicate! Let us show you how we do it.

A bit of heads-up, cause we give everybody a fair chance!

They say that New Year is just a fresh start for old habits. Say “no” to that pattern in New Year, step forward and make a wish to get everything you can’t live without!

Anxiety holds you back – don’t believe everything you think.

In Gerniks we have “explained” how to make a perfect team and we want to share our conclusions!

It seems like we are going to work from home for some time, so Gerniks is giving out some advice to make things easier.

Burnout syndrome is one of the most frequent problems in modern society, but it seems like it’s not being taken serious enough.  We at Gerniks are fighting it with all forces and one way to do it is to offer some pieces of advice on how to recognize and deal with it.