We know a lot about AI . . .

but not as much as it knows about us!

Labor day

What other day do you get to celebrate work without actually doing any?

Assistant's troubles. . .

,,If there’s anything else you need, please hesitate to ask…”

Programmers ...

… mood forever!

Developers struggle

There is a fine code line between the disaster and master.

Oh snap!

Our iOS developers are making gadgets too smart!

Designer problems

Fortune favours the
Bold Italic.

HR showing love

Type of care only HR provide… Great coffee though!

Real coders . . .

. . . love their machines!

Deep talks

A whole new meaning of the phrase work-life balance.

A day in the life of a Product Owner.

It’s not a Halloween thing – our Product Owners are being wizards every day. 😁

Stoics got nothing on us

Our QA department tackles even philosophical questions.


A young man from Gerniks faced with developers’ greatest problem.

Scream Team

Only two things are stopping us from joining NBA – we don’t have talent OR knowledge!
But when it comes to programming – we are nailing it!

Management Guidance

We don’t usually ask, but it’s good to know they always have an opinion!