Like the famous villain said “Our operation is small, but there’s a lot of potential for aggressive expansion” All jokes aside we are proud that the group of people working in Gerniks is driven by one motto that is – If you have fun while you work you will never work a day in your life. Very professional and super easy going we welcome anyone that shares our core values of dedication to clients, integrity, boldness, trust, honesty and above all fun while doing the things we do best!

Software Engineer & Тeam Lead


“The Management listened to my needs and wishes carefully and helped me transition from an engineering role to a management role successfully. Furthermore, they serve as amazing role models, their management style is something I aspire to implement myself. Benefits I enjoy the most are remote work, flexible work hours and freedom to choose projects you want to work on and what to work on.”

Product Owner


“People at Gerniks managed to do two things incredibly well: onboard me and give me all the additional support I need for my new role – leading 2 projects and managing 25 different people, giving me the freedom to choose how to manage my teams and supporting me on my way to developing my unique approach. Flat structured organization is allowing us to make our own decisions.”

Jelica Stankovic JelaPO

QA Engineer


“Gerniks people made me enter the IT world smoothly. The same thing happened a couple of months ago – thanks to my colleagues, rejoining the team after my maternity leave was a piece of cake. I love the way we cooperate and the team spirit we have. Working here is a pleasure.

QA Engineer


“I’ve learned more from my experienced QA colleagues than all the books and courses combined. They made sure to mentor me throughout my projects, and give me additional support whenever needed. I have never had negative experience with the organization. The QA team is friendly and professional, each week or two we gather together on a beer.”